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Onsen Hot Springs and SpaUnique natural hot spring with one of the highest concenration of alkaline in Japan (pH11)

Happo onsen which also has a name "Beauty onsen" will make your skin smooth and silky.
Experience on yourself the water with alkaline level (ph11.34) ranked the highest among the hot springs in Japan.
In 2015 we completed a renovation on the outside bath, so that you could enjoy even more comfortable and spacious bath.

Hot springs with a pH11 alkalinity are rare across the globe and the quality of the high-temperature water makes Happo onsen unique.
Because of the high alkalinity level, the onsen water removes the dirt from the skin and has an exfoliating effect,
so you can sense your skin becoming smoother and toxin free.

  • Women onsen, Happo Outside Onsen "Shobei no Yu"
  • Men onsen, Happo Outside Onsen "Shobei no Yu"

"Shobei no Yu" Outside Onsen

Shobei no Yu

Enjoy views of the snow, trees blooming or star gazing from the outside Onsen throughout the four seasons.

Happo onsen is also known as the "Beauty Onsen". This onsen has received a "Number one alkaline concenration in the country" evaluation, it has special minerals to help make your skin smooth and toxin free.

In the onsen you can relax both your body and soul and enjoy a sauna, indoor and outdoor bath.

Women onsen
Inside Onsen
Women onsen

Open hours


Water quality

Hot spring with ph11.34 alkalinity

Entrance fee
(for guests who are not staying at the hotel)

Entrance Fee

Adult ¥1,500
Child ¥700
Towel Rental ¥300

Effective for the following

  • Smoothing the skin
  • sensitivity to cold
  • recovery from exhaustion
  • general health improvement
  • breathing improvement
  • reducing stress
  • movement disorders
  • joint pain
  • stiff shoulders
  • back pain
  • digestion problems
  • bruises
  • stiffened joints
  • sprains
  • neuralgia
  • rheumatism

Onsen is not recommended if you have the following:

  • Acute illnesses (especially with a fever)
  • tuberculosis
  • malignant tumour
  • heart diseases
  • respiratory failure
  • renal failure
  • bleeding
  • strong anemia
  • pregnancy (especially in early and late period)
  • currently unwell

Private Onsen

Relax in Hakuba Happo Onsen

You can enjoy the experience without having to share the onsen with other people; you can relax in your own space on your own private time.

Open Hours: 15:00 - 21:00 (1 hour maximum)
Fee: 4,500 yen (service chage and tax included)

- Towel are available at the reception.
- 4 people per group maximum

Refreshing Esthetique Massage

Coupled with the onsen, your body will feel beautiful both inside and out.

Relax and allow our staff to relieve tension, stress and muscle soreness after a long day on the slopes or trekking through the hills.
Take in the natural aromas of Hakuba whilst being pampered.

Aroma Body

Aroma Body

Removing cellulite, improving blood flow that carries nutrients and oxygen through your body, this package has a detox effect and makes your skin look beauiful.

45Min ¥6,600
60Min ¥8,800
90Min ¥12,000

Aroma Foot Care

Aroma Foot Care
30Min ¥4,400
45Min ¥6,100
60Min ¥8,300

Mominoki Massage
(Shiatsu, Seitai)

Mominoki Massage (Shiatsu, Seitai)

How about a massage after a soak in our Shobei no Yu onsen?

45Min ¥6,100
60Min ¥8,300
90Min ¥11,500

Mominoki Massage
(Thai Massage)

Mominoki Massage (Thai Massage)

How about a massage after a soak in our Shobei no Yu onsen?

45Min ¥6,100
60Min ¥7,700
90Min ¥11,000

Hakuba Natural Water

All the water used in the hotel is from the riverbed of the three peaks of Hakuba in Nothern Alps. The water takes a long time to well up from 180 m below the surface, and is a natural mineral water.

The water PH is almost neutral 6.8~7.5, it is soft water of 40~60 degrees (the hardness degree is the amount of calcium, magnesium, etc.). The water is very clean and it is fine in texture and balance.

Happone mount is not from a volcano but from an elevation in the ground and you can see a lot of Serpentinite rocks on the mountain. These rocks consist mainly of magnesium and contain a lot of silicon which is responsible for producing grains of water. The snow that piles up in the mountains melts, penetrates the rocky layer and flows into underground current. The water that has been filtering through the natural "filter" of serpentenite rocks over long years and months has a clear and mild taste.

Hakuba Natural Water