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Ski Hakuba - Premier resort hotel with natural outdoor hot springs in Hakuba Valley
Ski Hakuba Mominoki Hotel Getting Here


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Ski Hakuba Mominoki Hotel Transportation

Getting Here
Airport Information
The best airport to fly arrive at is Narita Airport in Tokyo. From there, you have two main options to get to the hotel depending on your time constraints, budget and method of transportation. You can purchase a Japan Rail Pass, a flexible train ticket that can be used many times, upon arriving at the Narita Airport. The ticket is 20,000 yen and is valid for one month. The overnight luggage transfer to the hotel can also be arranged at the airport. The cost per bag is around 1,700 yen.

Getting into Tokyo
Whatever method of transport you decide to take to Hakuba, you will initially need to take a train or bus from Narita Airport into Tokyo city, to arrive at one of the two the main transit points: Tokyo Station or Shinjuku Station. From the airport to Tokyo, the bus and the train both cost 3000 yen per person (1500 yen for children) into Tokyo, and take between 1 and 1.5 hours. There is an information desk with English speaking staff who can help you with buying train or bus tickets. Trains are called “Narita Express”. Buses are called “Friendly Airport Limousine”. Trains and buses leave the airport bound for Tokyo and Shinjuku every 20 minutes or so. There is no need to make reservations in advance.

From Tokyo city to Hakuba
From Tokyo city, you have two main options:
Option 1) By bus: Total 6-7 hours, 7,700 yen per person. Buses are cheaper but take longer.
Option 2) By bullet train: 4 hours, 12,400 yen per person. Trains are more expensive but faster.

Option 1 - Details for traveling by bus:
a) Catch a bus from Narita Airport to Shinjuku (as above): 1.5 hours, 3,000 yen.
b) You can then catch a bus from Shinjuku direct to Hakuba. This takes about 4.5 hours (sometimes slightly longer)
and costs 4,700 per person.
Bus Total: 6 ?? 7 hours, 7,700 yen per person (6,200 for children).

Option 2: Details for traveling by bullet train:
a) Train from Narita Airport to Tokyo station (as above): 1.5 hours, 3,000 yen.
b) Then catch a Shinkansen (Bullet train) to Nagano station, Asama Shinkansen line: 1.5 hours, 8,000 yen per person.
c) Then catch a bus from Nagano station to Hakuba: 1 hour, 1,400 yen (700 for children). These depart every couple of hours.
Train Total: 4 hours, 12,400 yen (10,200 yen for children).

Hotel Pickup
We can arrange for you to be picked up from Hakuba station. Please let us know in advance. You can also take a taxi from Hakuba station to the hotel (5 minutes, approximately 1,000 yen). Please rest assured there are English speaking staff at most train stations and, if all else fails, just saying “Hakuba station” will give the staff enough information to point you in the right direction or issue you with tickets.

Helicopter Access
Hakuba Mominoki Hotel also has a heliport and provides an exective helicopter service.
Please contact Mominoki Resort Inc. at 0261-72-4600 for the heliport information.

>> Hakuba Heliport Information

Train and Bus Timetable
Narita Airport - Tokyo Sta. - Nagano Sta. - Hakuba/Happo
Narita Express Timetable Bullet train Timetable Bus(Nagano-Hakuba) Timetable
Hakuba/Happo - Nagano Sta. - Tokyo Sta. - Narita Airport

Narita Express to Tokyo Station

Narita Airport Terminals: T1 - Terminal 1; T2 - Terminal 2

Asama Shinkansen to Nagano Station
Note: JR runs extra bullet trains during peak periods. Please check at for extra schedules.

Nagano Station to Hakuba Station / Happo Bus Terminal
East Exit Platform #6: [EXPRESS] for Hakuba. Reservations not required. Please get off at Happo Bus Terminal.
Ski Hakuba Mominoki Hotel Nagano Station
Bus Timetable
Shinjuku Sta., Tokyo - Hakuba
Ski Hakuba Mominoki Hotel Bus

*Seats can be reserved and booked in advance by dialing Tokyo 03-5376-2222 (9:00-18:00) or Hakuba 0261-72-3155 (7.00-19.00) or by internet at


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